Your eye is like a fingerprint, with its own unique shape and characteristics.  To determine the contact lens that's the most appropriate and comfortable for you and your lifestyle, our experienced optometrists will take you through a few simple steps.

STEP 1:  EVALUATION APPOINTMENT.  During your contact lens evaluation, we'll determine which type of contact lens is best-suited to your eye's unique physiology.  We'll also find the prescription necessary to correct your vision, and learn about any other relevant eye conditions, like astigmatism, dry eyes, or allergies.

STEP  2:  ACTIVITIES ASSESSMENT.  Next, we'll talk with you about your lifestyle.  Do you work at a computer all day?  Are you a reader?  A swimmer?  A mountain biker?  Would you prefer to wear your contacts for longer periods of time? 

STEP 3:  FIT CHECK.  Once you've received your contacts, we'll schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure your lenses are working optimally and fitting comfortably.

Specialty Contact Lens Fitting

With more than 25 years of experience fitting complex contact lens needs, our optometrists are experts in working with difficult-to-fit conditions.

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Contact Lens Basics

  • Soft lenses - Flexible lenses made of gel-like plastic. They are instantly comfortable and designed to be worn for long periods. They're also suitable for conventional daily wear, extended wear, multifocal, cosmetic colored, post-surgical and more...

  • Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (RGP's) - Made from a rigid plastic that retains its shape when you blink. They often provide sharper vision than soft contact lenses. But unlike soft lenses (which are instantly comfortable), RGP lenses require some getting used to.

  • Daily Wear - Contact lenses that must be removed each night

  • Extended Wear - Contact lenses that can be worn for consecutive days without removing.

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