"Vision leads our ability to live and enjoy rewarding productive lives. Everyday, I have the privilege to evaluate, improve and enhance the visual process of each person I meet."

Barbra Dey

Barbra Dey received her Optometry degree from Kevin Street College of Technology University in Dublin, Ireland in 1988. After a circuitous route practicing optometry in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia, she ended up in the United States in 1994. Barbra completed her National Boards in Optometry in Washington State, but decided to focus on clinic management in Seattle instead. Barbra was a clinic manager and technician trainer at Northwest Eye Surgeons, before moving to Roosevelt Vision in 2009. A frequent lecturer at local ophthalmology meetings, she served on the board of Renton technical college’s certified technician course and was a guest speaker for them and at WAEPS for many years.

Since joining Roosevelt Vision, Barbra has been a consummate innovator, creating new systems and processes and bringing new technology to the practice. She is passionate about providing an exceptional experience to employees and customers. Her goal is for each employee to develop and grow their skills in a cohesive and collegial environment, so they can bring their best selves to the workplace every day. She believes that a fun, educated, and happy work force translates to an enjoyable and high-quality experience for each of our unique patients.

Barbra enjoys spending her free time with her husband, two teenage sons, and her many friends. She is an avid cyclist and loves anything that will take her into the outdoors to enjoy the beauty of Seattle and its surroundings.