Computer Eye Syndrome

Tired Eyes? 

Step away from your computer and put down the tablet and smartphone. We know it's hard to look away, but it's time step into the natural light, turn off the blue screen and give your eyes a break!

According The Vision Council's 2015 Digital Eye Strain report one third of adults spend more than half their waking hours (9+ hours) using a digital device. Not you? Let's think about it, do you:

  • Check your phone first thing in the morning?
  • Work in front of a computer daily?
  • Read from an electronic reader?
  • Reference recipes online while cooking?
  • Work remote or from a plane or train?

Whether it's for work or play, using computers, smartphones, tablets and e-readers TV or video games, all that time can take a toll on the eyes and lead to digital eye strain. There are many things to consider in addition to screen time. Such as, the size of the font, your posture, computer set-up, the amount of blue light emitted from the screen. Sitting too close to a screen also causes eyes to become inflamed. 

According to Dr. Kathy Williams OD at Roosevelt Vision, "We rarely notice how much time we spend on our devices. Our eyes do, and tell us when it's time to quit. Eyes begin to sting and get dry, neck and shoulders ache and sometimes our vision gets blurred. It's important to pay attention to these queues and step away often."

If you're having discomfort, try these four things first. If the irritation persists come in and see us so we can rule out any other concerns:

1. Increase text size to better define the content on your screen
2. Use eyewear with blue light blocking lenses
3. Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break, and stare at something 20 feet away
4. When using a computer, sit in your chair and extend your arm. Your palm should rest comfortably on the monitor